Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Welcome to my little corner of wedding planning heaven

 The title of my blog says it all-HELL YEA! I'm engaged, and to the man of my dreams! There is truly nothing as magical as knowing you are going to marry your best friend...and, of course planning the perfect wedding along the way!
 Ryan and I are total goof balls, we love to laugh and we definitely have fun together. I'm a city girl and he's a Southern boy..match made in redneck heaven? hell yea! Ok, ok, on to the point of this blog...
 I am planning a complete DIY wedding in the heart of the country of Florida, all for $5,000. Will I be able to stick to that self created budget? Hell yea! and I would love to bring you on this journey with me..err..I mean us. :D

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