Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Website!

Ryan and I have been busy pouring over wedding things online. I can't help it!! Can you blame me? Seriously, can you? The first thing I did was setup an account on The Knot , which has been an enormous help...and also an enormous discouragement. It shows me a ton of wedding vendors in my area...and it shows me the LONGGGGGGG list of things I need to do! I tend to click really fast past that page.

One of the best features of being a member of The Knot, is my free wedding website that I got to set up!! I plan to put our website on the bottom of our invitations and have guests rsvp through it! Having guests RSVP through the website will save us me a TON of money on invitations, because there will be no need for RSVP cards! And that lady and gentlemen is how I cut corners.

I have been busy working on the invitations too...and I would show them in this post, but I think I will save that for the next one! If you know us in real life, feel free to fb me for our wedding website link!!!

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