Tuesday, November 6, 2012


 November 23, 2013 is now our NEW and improved Wedding date! We really felt that February 2014 was such a huge time away, and February 2013 was WAY too close...and since we live in South Florida, basically the only times that are manageable for an outdoor wedding would be the months of November-February....and thus we decided to bump our date up by a few months and we are now getting hitched on November 23, 2013! WE ARE SUPER EXCITED ABOUT THIS! :)

In other news, the newly improved wedding date also needed some more winter-y colors...and so I updated the color pallet to colors that I feel will be more instyle in the up coming year. We decided to go from grays and yellows and navy blues to a festive Peacock inspired pallet that includes rich turquoise, slate black, and lime green. Lucky for my beautiful bridesmaids, these colors also happen to be super in right now so those bridesmaids dresses will be a snap!!

I have a metric ton to update on this blog, and I will hop on that tonight, I promise! <3

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